We’ve been updating and changing June a lot, which is the reason there have been no posts in a while, hopefully we’ll be getting back to posting on here once a month. Although there hasn’t been any posts, we’ve been working on June at a steady pace. Here are some pictures of the new main … More Changes


Currently reducing the amount of materials per model to boost performance (something I should’ve done from the start really.) I’m most of the way through, I’ve noticed a big boost in the fps with real time lighting, although we will be baking most of the lights. So I’ve mostly been re-texturing and improving stuff –


I’ve decided to make this blog a monthly thing. The game is moving along smoothly, but I don’t want to give too much away, also it’s still all just visual stuff really, at the moment. My schedule is making June all week and then I practice making different environmental stuff on a Sunday, right now … More Bits

Back On It

Had a bit of time off for Christmas and new years, but I’m back on it now. I’m almost done with the apartment building, pretty much just the remake of the stairwell and a bunch of key items. The story has progressed and is moving in a much more interesting direction. The game is a … More Back On It

New Kitchen

Only showing the (unfinished) kitchen on this apartment. I know the flooring is the same as the last apartment, so I may end up changing the flooring and the walls. Only a few more apartments to do, then re do the basement areas and the stairwell, then I get to move on to creepier and … More New Kitchen


Another few apartments done (not including baking/lighting, post processing and all that stuff.) I doubt I’ll post all of them, this blog is starting to look like an interior design blog, but I will show a couple of them now and then, and I’ll  be posting the “non apartment” areas once the entire building has … More 501

Puzzle Box

I previously made a doll as a part of a puzzle, it had a head that spun with multiple faces. I recently changed it to a box with masks inside, still a part of the same puzzle. I’m still editing it, but this is it so far. There are different masks inside with different emotions. … More Puzzle Box

Messy Apartment Redo

It hasn’t changed too much – the layout of the apartment has changed, a lot of the models are almost the same, I’ve made improvements to some of them, and I’ve improved some textures. Still have lots to do.

603 Redo

I’m still remaking apartments, after that I’ll be moving on to new apartments and places to visit. Still have plenty to add to this apartment. Other than that, we’ve been experimenting with lighting and baking on the main apartment. We’ll also be testing out post processing soon. Might post some images on that, or Jason will … More 603 Redo